Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday pictures and fun

Yesterday I decided it was time to clean off my roof. I raked off the branches and leaves and then moved down to the gutters. The gutters were full of great compost! :D The leaves and branches, and nut shells (pecan tree) fall into the gutter and pile up. It rains and then the stuff in my gutters turns into compost. lol I got quite a few pounds of nice rich compost from my gutters and put them in a container. (I talk about this in Episode 28 of the iPod Witch)

I mowed some lawn yesterday and went out and looked at my new plants. I planted potatoes, pumpkins, sunflowers, assorted flowers, and checked on my Bee Balm. Everything is looking so nice! I have pictures of the pumpkin plants at my flickr:

Brook's Flickr

With the pumpkin picture, I also have one view from my roof, and some Crow pictures from the park. I also have a cute little squirrel and a picture of my most important piece of jewelry! Enjoy. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your podcast is fabulous and has brightened up the summer since I found it. I enjoy all your information and find that it is correct. I also love your rambles. Please don't change who you are for anything!It feels like we are just sitting there chatting with you.