Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow, snow, magical snow! :)

I LOVE snow. Where I live (Southern central Virginia) we are lucky to get an inch or two of snow once a winter. Today at 1:45 p.m. it started snowing here. It hasn't stopped and it isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow! :D :D :D Yes, I'm happy! I will be going out to drawn pentagrams and pentacles in the snow tomorrow along with building a snowman! I also will be taking in some more snow so I can have some snow water for later use. I love snow. They said we might get up to 16 inches!!!!!

I'll be posting pictures up at the iPod Witch website. in case you didn't know. If you are wondering where I've been and why I haven't been posting here, I've been mostly at the site. I hope to get back here and keep up my Witchy journal. I had thought of moving it to the site, but I like having it here. :)


Jes' Mysictal Treasures said...


Just dropped in to see your site and I have to say I enjoyed your post.

I will be back to vist again.

Blessed be

Tiffany said...

OMG I love snow!! I used to go every year to Tenneessee to see the mountains and would come across 10 inches of snow sometimes. It's like a white fluffy blanket that covers the earth. How can you not enjoy the view? lol